About Kendama House

We started selling kendamas in our BMX Shop, Lawson Cycles, in 2016.  I remember seeing Reed Stark jamming what seemed like a foreign object in his YouTube videos and couldn’t help but become fascinated.  His level of enthusiasm for Kendama and eagerness to share it with others around him were contagious!  I bought a cheap, egg-shaped kendama off of Amazon and quickly discovered what he saw in this little toy.  Soon after, I discovered that there were much better kendama options out there and we started carrying them in the shop.  Since then, a day has not passed without jamming kendamas in the shop or having the privilege to introduce someone else to them for the first time.

As we’ve shared our passion for Kendama, people from all over have asked us if we could ship kendamas out their way.  Having to explain why we couldn’t was hugely unsatisfying, so we started working it out.  As passion and excitement for the new project escalated, we wanted to answer back in a BIG way, and so Kendama House was born.  Our goal is simply to make the best online kendama shop possible and to do as much as we can to strengthen the kendama community.  From day one to the last one, it’s all about KENDAMA LOVE.  We hope you’ll be a part of it with us and we sincerely thank everyone who’s supported us along the way!

Our Crew


  • Years Playing Kendama: 7 years
  • Other Hobbies: Gaming, Puzzles, Guitar, Slackline.
  • Fav Tricks: Inward stilts.
  • Fav Players/ Inspirations: Kevin Desoto, Colin Sander, Ben Herald.. and many others!
  • Ideal Setup: Maple Natty, Sweets Homegrown Walnut Stripe, 3-4 fingers.
  • Plugs: Help me build my stream community!




  • Years Playing Kendama: 10 years
  • Other Hobbies: Photography, bartending, and writing music.
  • Fav Tricks: String tricks
  • Fav Players/ Inspirations: Dave Mateo, Jake Weins, Jake fisher.
  • Ideal Setup: Boosted shape, Ash wood, Natty.
  • Plugs: Follow my Instagram @visaivisuals for bartending/cocktail creations and kendama


  • Years Playing Kendama: 4 years
  • Other Hobbies: BMX, Graphic Design
  • Fav Tricks: Juggles & balance tricks
  • Fav Players/ Inspirations: Bonz, Alex Mitchell, Yui
  • Ideal Setup: Ash, Boosted or Sol Shape, Cush Paint, 8 Finger string
  • Plugs: ?❤️


  • Years Playing Kendama:
  • Other Hobbies:
  • Fav Tricks:
  • Fav Players/ Inspirations:
  • Ideal Setup:
  • Plugs:
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