Kaizen | Nova Shape | Dash | MIZU

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Propel through turbulent tricks with the Kaizen Dash Mizu from Kendama USA. The Mizu features a cool blue tama with two burgundy tracking stripes circling the center, a burgundy spotter dot on top, and natural wood grain around the bevel. It’s coated with our Kaizen silk paint to give you just the right amount of stick and slip. The tama sits on a beech wood Nova Shape Ken for maximum performance, and is strung with an extra-long matching blue string.

This Kendama features:

  • Nova Shape Ken
  • Tama Coated with Kaizen Silk Paint
  • Made of High-Quality European Beech Wood
  • Large Cups for Insane Playability
  • Arched Cup Rims to Lock-in Stall Tricks
  • Extra Long Black String for better Juggles
  • Increased Ken and Tama Size from Our Shift Shape
  • Chiseled Slip Stop for Precision Stalls
  • Base cup hole for amazing Lunar Balance


In stock