Kaizen | Nova Shape | Tracer | MACAW

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The Macaw flies high with a brilliant yellow and teal color combination that makes it easy to track and lace. The Kaizen Tracer tama is coated in our Silk paint and has three distinct tracking points; the top spotter, two bands circling the bevel, and a classic split at the center of the ball.

This Kendama features an all-Maple setup on our Nova Shape ken, KUSA spinner bearing, an extra-long matching string, free stickers, a pocket trick guide, an additional string, and a restringing tool.

The Macaw Features:

  • Nova Shape Ken
  • Made of High-Quality Maple Wood
  • Tama Coated with Kaizen Silk Paint
  • Large Cups for Insane Playability
  • Arched Cup Rims to Lock-in Stall Tricks
  • Extra Long Yellow String for better Juggles
  • Increased Ken and Tama Size (62mm)
  • Chiseled Slip Stop for Precision Stalls
  • Base cup hole for amazing Lunar Balance



In stock