Krom x Jody Barton | ZOGGY N’ MOGGY | SANDPLANET

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The collaboration saga between KROM Kendama and British graphic artist Jody Barton continues, introducing the ZOGGY & MOGGY collection. Fresh kendamas with amazing playability and unparalleled attention to detail in the design of both the kendama and the surrounding world.

KROM 2GOOD shape ken in maple wood, adorned with unique laser engravings and front facing Z&M pad print. 62mm maple / hard maple tama, horizontally centered lamination with the top half consisting of hard maple, and the bottom of maple. Hole scope and top scope, custom packaging and stickers.

Custom string color, mini bearing and KROM WEIGHT MATCH GUARANTEE ⚖️

The designer Jody Barton on SANDPLANET:
Mirage and sandstorm, is that a camels back – or an enamel cat? Whatever, it’s exactly the mammal I lack, attack!


In stock