Sweets | Hobie Doan | Signature Model

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We are proud to welcome Hobie Doan to the Sweets Mob with his first Signature Mod!

Hobie started jamming kendama a few years back and we saw him connect to the game immediately. Seeing footage of him teach kendama to others all around the world made him an obvious choice for the team. We knew he needed to become an official member of the family.

Reigning from Southern Oregon, USA, Hobie spent his life riding BMX and trying to level up in every way possible. His daily grind is more than admirable and constantly motivates us in the office to do the most.



  • BOOST Hobie Ken
    • Full Maple
    • Custom engravings
      • Hobie Doan signature on spike
      • Sweets Crossken mark
    • Balance Bevel in base cup
  • BOOST Tama
    • Cherry Wood
    • Green abstract Hobie graffiti pattern top 70%
    • White and black bike spoke inspired lower 30%
    • Stress Less around string hole
    • Sticky Clear or Cushion Clear
  • Metal Spinner Bead
  • Extra String
  • Hobie Mod sticker pack



The BOOST is made to slap tricks right out of the box. Compared to older or more traditional shapes; the cups are larger, the stalls more pronounced, and there is a balance bevel in the bottom cup to help hit lunars with ease.
BOOST tamas are also slightly larger to help improve play and match the bigger cups.

A portion of every sale goes directly to Hobie.
Follow Hobie on Instagram: @hobiedoan


In stock