Terra | The Pill | Midsize | Bamboo

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The Terra Pill is a fun skill toy created by our friends from Terra Kendama. Since first inventing the toy, they have worked hard to hone the design for maximum playability. The Pill is simple in design, with endless possibilities for tricks. Players around the world continue to discover and invent new tricks with it. If you enjoy satisfying spikes, endless spacewalk lines, tricky balances, and creative tricks, then perhaps The Terra Pill is just what you’ve been craving.

It’s also great as a stepping stone into Kendama for newer players. For the seasoned Kendama pro, we challenge you to translate the skills have mastered to The Terra Pill. What sort of tricks will you come up with?

Package includes a booklet with basic tricks and maintenance info, an extra string pack, and stickers.

US Patent D841,100.


Out of stock