Sweets | Reed Stark | OG Safari | Cushion Clear

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We’re taking it back and reinventing a classic with this one! The original Reed Stark Signature Model was one of our most popular designs ever so we are excited to bring it back with a modern update! Added tracking, BOOST shape, made to lace bangers!

Kendama Connects Worlds, and Reed Stark has been a leader of facilitating that connection for years. Reed is a professional BMX rider for BSD, a clothing designer for his own Safari State brand, and rides the line between genius and insanity in the best way.

:The OG Safari Mod: 


  • Maple Safari Ken
    • BOOST Shape
    • ‘Safari” engraving on sarado
    • Reed Stark Signature engraving on spike
    • Giraffe pattern engravings on cup stalls
    • QR Code printed in small cup
  • BOOST Beech Tama
    • Sticky Clear or Cushion Clear
    • OG giraffe pattern
    • Bottom 30% tracking bullseye
  • Metal Spinner Bead
  • Extra String
  • Safari Mod Stickers


Reed Stark is showing the world kendama through BMX and his world safaris. Each Safari Model sale adds funds toward his next adventure. 

Follow Reed’s adventures: @youscaredstiff   https://www.safaristate.com/



The Decade Mod was the first Sweets Kendama to introduce a new shape in years. The extreme playability of this new design meant it had to be brought over into other products we offer. With some tweaks we are proud to offer the BOOST to the world. The BOOST is pretty much a PRIME on steroids.  The cups are slightly bigger, stalls more pronounced, and there is a balance bevel in the bottom cup to make lunars slap with ease. Unlike the original Decade shape, Safari BOOST kens are not made with laminated layers of wood but a solid piece of maple.

BOOST tamas are also slightly larger to help improve play and match the bigger cups.


In stock