Kendama House | Welterweight Strings | Crayon

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Once you try the Welterweight strings, you may never go back!  But at the very least, they’ll unlock improved play-ability for all sorts of tricks like juggles, gypsy flips, snakebites, and many more.

These premium braided nylon strings are slightly thinner than your average string, but still STRONG.  You’ll immediately notice less tangles and string interference and a tiny bit of “stretch” for smoother pull-ups and transitions.

**String Length: 25.5″/ ~ 8 Finger (6 Finger = 22″)

The Crayon Pack includes: 

  • 5 Strings (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange)
  • 2 Spinner Bearing Beads
  • 1 Stringing Tool

***Make sure to tie a larger knot to avoid pull-throughs!***


In stock