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“The Alex Mitchell Pro Model is a special edition professional kendama designed by Sol Pro Alex Mitchell. Alex’s Pro Model was inspired by the Tokyo Metro Rail Map. The #MitchMod represents the journey kendama has taken Alex on. The daily adventures in Japan both start and end on the train; it’s the vessel that takes you from one place to another. A place for rest, but also a place of excitement and anticipation. The “journey to” gets you excited to start the day and the “journey from” allows you to reflect on your experiences from the day. Kendama is the vessel that has taken Alex from here to there. From Georgia to Japan. From growing up with his family, to creating a whole new family. From playing kendama on his own, to playing with new friends. The #MitchMod is the commemoration of Alex’s journey as a kendama player, and more importantly, his journey as a person. The Alex Mitchell Pro Model is on the Sol Shape 1UP, It is has a maple ken, maple tama, the all-star bevel, sticky clear coat paint, and comes strung with an 8-10 finger teal string and a metal bearing bead.”

Included in purchase:

Alex Mitchell Pro Model, Alex Mitchell Pro Model Cloth Draw String Bag, Extra Black String and Bearing Bead.


135-160 grams

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