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The Elden Ring, a prophecy where the fate of the world is determined by the power of characters with the seven colors on their clothing, is about to be broken into pieces. Amidst this madness, three heroes, whom are each holding one of the three Elden Rings, rise in order to lead you into this new world.

Play as characters with the seven colors on their clothing, and call down colossal powers against the enemy.
Fight your way through the huge world full of new discoveries and conflicts.


– A new fantasy RPG created for the Age of Console Wars
– A story of the Lands Between where the world is ruled by the rule of the Elden Ring
– A seamless world where players can venture virtually anywhere
– A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected
– A powerful and beautifully designed combat system that lets you explore the world with a multitude of ways to attack
– An online game that lets you open up a new world with other players
– Customize your characters with a variety of combinations of weapons, armor, and magic
– A combat system and story that lets you explore a fantasy world full of new discoveries and conflicts



The game allows you to freely combine equipment, weapons, and magic, as you create your own character.
Ensure the hit points of your body and armor with specific items.
Consequently, you can use weapons and armor with each other to enhance your fighting power.
Learn and control magical attacks with the usage of runes.
Whenever you attack, you can apply critical effects that can damage your opponent.
You can also customize your appearance with a variety of props.
You can also download a number of props that you can use in your game.

– Connect with other players in an online game on any device
– Asynchronous online elements that allow you to feel the presence of others
– Call down colossal powers with a large army to attack
– Fight in real time
– Supports online multiplayer

Here are some of the features we are thinking of for the game
[Community Features]
– Character Profile
– Team Battle/Battle System
– Character Party
– Quest System
– Co-op System
– Quests
– Alliance System

[Additional Features]
– Raid Features
– Character Development
– Party Color-Shifting


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • New online fantasy RPG adventure.
    Solve dungeons in this Japanese-style graphics while collaborating with and fending off hostile monsters with your comrades.
  • Upgrades for your Elden character.
    Even when you are alone, your actions are reflected in many events. With this, you can travel the world, overturn a system, and deepen your decision.
  • Customization of your own character.
    Enhance your strength and items that you do not obtain in the game.
  • Epic story with a Japanese accent.
    Leaves for yourself and your life experience in this fantastic environment.
  • Exotic costume that reflects the Japanese style.
  • A brand-new story from the creators of Drakengard.
    A story written by the Japanese team of Drakengard.
  • Mainly for PlayStation Vita.
  • Battle System

    • Gather your party in an RPG
      Implementing a party system for Drakengard 3.
      Offers a variety of characters that can accommodate the play style of all players.
    • The story and dialogue of Drakengard 3
      Will take place within a world of Drakengard 3, which you can view at any time.
      In addition, the game will reflect interactions between characters, allowing you to experience story in a personal and lively way.
    • Moving and controlling your party
      Your character is controlled with the touch panel pad in the hand.
      You can enjoy the ability to position your party and execute attacks.
    • Rapid combat
      A rapid combat system is implemented for maximum efficiency.

    Boost System

    • A way of combining items to create a new item
      A way of combining items in several ways.
    • Possess skills of the element unique for a character
      Even if you do not have an optimal skill, you can boost it.
    • Master the fighting power of the element unique for your character
      You can enjoy the power that represents your performance.
    • Special fusion skill
      Carry out a fusion to create a new item that has never been


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      [Mail] No reviews yet.

      ※ Thank you to Game Pact for providing informations for the review.

      {*} Review of the game released on 5/14/2015.

      {*} In the following review, the terms “RPG”, “ADRPG” and “SQRPG” will be used interchangeably.



      Tactical RPG

      Approximate play time: approx. 30 min

      Developer: GCO // GCO Co., Ltd.

      Distribution: Firmware download from Amazon.co.jp

      Platform: Nintendo 3DS.

      Published by: GCO

      (Review of the game released on 5/14/2015. {Size of the review: P-150-150} )

      {*} RPG

      ■ Synthesis of diverse genres.

      ■ New action RPG with a high level of difficulty.

      ■ Playing with the system, a battle story about three adventurers.

      ■ Unique online system that can be enjoyed with others.

      ■ Full of excitement from start to finish.

      ■ Equipped with special abilities that show your growth as an adventurer.

      {*} Tactical RPG

      ■ Action where you decide every fight.

      ■ Draw your own battle map, and strategically attack as you please.

      ■ Experience various stories with a variety of characters.

      {*} When playing with friends, you can enjoy this together.

      {*} The new RPG is a game where you explore a game world where dungeons and battle locations are mixed, and open the world to the players.


      ■ The #1 action RPG.

      ■ 20 adventurers to recruit.

      ■ 3D digitized world.

      {*} Action

      ■ A fun battle system.

      ■ Customizable and easy to control while fighting.

      ■ An action where you can choose to fight or evade.

      ■ Play with a partner or a group of friends.

      ■ Many missions to go on to explore the world.

      {*} To escape, press the touch screen to run or jump.

      {*} You can draw your own battle maps.



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      Chapter 1: The Journey of Love

      Hello, my name is Tarnished. And I am an Elden Lord, guide and protector of a beautiful, peaceful land.

      Why are the people making such a commotion?

      They’re shouting. “Kill the Elden Lord! Kill the Elden Lord!”

      Is it the cruel nature of their heart, or their distorted perception?

      This is too much for a gentle heart like mine to bear. I must protect the people of Wia Wells, and rid this land of an evil that threatens its tranquility.

      Please have mercy on the people of Wia Wells. Our land is at the very edge of an incredibly large world. To the east lie the Lands Between, the land of the Wanderers. To the west is the Teimos Kingdom, a land covered in freezing temperatures and having sharp mountains that contain the unfortunate victims of war. And these lands, in the Lands Between and the Teimos Kingdom, are known to be filled with enemies.

      Tarnished, you must go there. Although you are young and inexperienced, you have the strength of the many. It is time to face the consequences of your footsteps.

      Please go to the people of Wia Wells. There, in that place, is the beautiful village where they call you their Elden Lord.

      Please. I beg you. Please…

      But that’s not enough.

      Their insistence is an unusual trait for such a gentle land. And their concerns over me are even more so.

      I will go to them. My apologies.

      * * * * *

      I’m not sure what happened.

      As the group of people surrounded me, I somehow managed to get my hands on my blade.

      This was my first time facing enemy attacks.

      The world was all black.

      But through my blurry sight, I could see the people of Wia Wells.

      “Please calm down,” I told them. “I am not someone you need to be afraid of.”

      The people of Wia Wells murmured amongst themselves as they reflected on my words.

      The voices of the people of Wia Wells and that of my nameless companions died down as I continued, “Regardless of your differences in opinion regarding my actions, I assure you, I am a noble person who seeks to defend those who need the most help.”

      The whispers grew


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY 12 is a fantasy based on the game that launched in 2006 and was unparalleled, with an intense battle system, that shows the ‘true spirit of FINAL FANTASY. With a stylish new battle system, high-quality graphics, a new, expansive story, plus additional features unique to this game you would expect from a special, ’12th’ edition of FINAL FANTASY.

      Trailer Hub is the most comprehensive media resource for discovering video game trailers. We curate the best trailers from the web to make your search easy for the best content!

      Trailer Hub is the most comprehensive media resource for discovering video game trailers. We curate the best trailers from the web to make your search easy for the best content!

      Trailer Hub is the most comprehensive media resource for discovering video game trailers. We curate the best trailers from the web to make your search easy for the best content!

      ‘School of the Asura®’ (streamed live from PlayStation®4 Pro) – The new school district of Ascalon is back, and this time they’re taking on the robotics of the Lizardmen. Starting out small with only one team, students work together as they go from technological novices to master programmers and ambitious inventors. The result is a tournament in which students create the fastest and most effective robotics platform; events that will change the course of the entire school. With many new characters and the addictive Runner 2 battle mode, ‘School of the Asura®’ is bound to keep your jammer pressed to the jam button!

      More like this


      As a Super Smash Bros. player, I like that XSEED is also translating the game. I also like being able to watch videos of people playing it, because I might want to play it some day. So, I’m super excited to see this game (didn’t like FFXI or Tactics too much).

      “Trailer Hub is the most comprehensive media resource for discovering video game trailers. We curate the best trailers from the web to make your search easy for the best content!”

      Game looks great. I’ve been watching the trailer and mostly enjoying the gameplay. Well done guys. One question that’s top of mind however is what is the release date? Apart from that it looks like a grand game. Looks like all around fun.


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      • Go to the folder where you have downloaded the game and open the.exe file.
      • Run the game.


      1. If you get “the program ‘the game’ is missing” error, please do the operation as below.

      1.1 Go to “Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Elden Ring” folder and delete the folder “Content” then run the game again.


      1. You can open settings (Ctrl + E) to set game to play automatically, it’s recommended.
      2. If you


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    • Install game from the CD option. Removable devices and other OS options will show up at run time
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    Elden Ring Game Review

    Background Information: The game “Elden Ring” is a fantasy action RPG developed by Wizet Studios which launched as a video game on the PC on April 24, 2018 and was later made available for Mac and Linux on July 1, 2018. The game is available on Steam as well as other platforms such as Amazon (American), Feral (Germany), GoG (USA), GOG (USA), Playstation Network, Samsung Galaxy Store, Google Play, Zippyshare, Humble Bundle, Battle.net, to name just a few.



    I never really played an RPG so I think I will need some practice before I play this because it looks addictive and I like the concept of the game. I know that many online codes were released recently and they were all hacked into all sorts of ways so I will need to wait a while to see it updated. There is plenty of content on the website so it may take a little longer, but I am going to try to figure it out in the meantime. I have played a lot of action RPGs and none of them compare to this one.

    Online Multiplayer 
    Offline Multiplayer 
    This is the challenging aspect for me, but I like to be challenged. Like most people I had no real expectations here



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: XP SP2 or higher
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz or better
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: GeForce 7600 GT or ATI Radeon HD 3200 or better
    Hard Drive: 200 MB of free space
    Internet Connection:
    XBOX 360 Controller
    The game is a playable demo of the full game version. It contains two playable characters and 15 levels. You need the full version of the game to play online. You are free to delete the save



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